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Joola Welcomes Tyson McGuffin (PRWeb) Jan 3, 2024
The Current State of Pro Pickleball (The Dink) Dec 20, 2023
For Those With Parkinsons, Pickleball Can Be an Ideal Sport (USA Pickleball) For Those With Parkinsons, Pickleball Can Be An Ideal Sport (USA Pickleball) Dec 11, 2023
MLP Auction Decides Premier Level Teams (The Dink) MLP Auction Decides Premier Level Teams (The Dink) Dec 9, 2023
Inside the Quest for Quieter Pickleball (J. Kingson; AXIOS) Nov 20, 2023
Hayden Patriquin: Player on the Rise (The Dink)  Nov 8, 2023
https://www.thedinkpickleball.com/mlp-ppa-2024-events-calendar/ MLP and PPA Release 2024 Combined Events (The Dink) Nov 2, 2023
Paddlegate: 65% of Paddles Failed Deflection Testing at MLP Atlanta (A. Forziati; The Dink) Oct 27, 2023
Steve Kuhn Resigns From Major League Pickleball (T. Shields; The Dink) Oct 16, 2023
Could Be The Next Big Thing: Pickleball is Courting a New Generation of Players (J. Beazely; The Guardian) Oct 09, 2023
Can Quiet Pickleball Be a Reality? (Pickleball Max) Sept 30, 2023
Betting On Pickleball Has Arrived (T. Boss; Forbes) Sept 27, 2023
The Orlando Squeeze Are MLP Champs (The Dink) Sept 25, 2023
MLP and PPA Agree to Merge: Unified Pro Pickleball League (The Dink) Sept 13, 2023
NCAA and College Pickleball League Trademark Dispute (M. McCann) Sept 11, 2023
WTH Is Going On With Pro Pickleball? (J. Aspes) Aug 29, 2023
Long Beach To Get Sound Panels After Noise Complaints (A. Robinson) Aug 26, 2023
Drew Brees Ernes John McEnroe (Instagram) Aug 24, 2023
Pickleball Is Moving Indoors (E. Kenney) Aug 19, 2023
Pickleball Has Left the Court: A Mockumentary Pilot Coming Soon (B. Teitell; Boston Globe) Aug 14, 2023
Regulators Nix Pickleball Plan in Richmond (KTVU) Aug 12, 2023
On National Pickleball Day, Bobbleheads Released for Fans (St. George News) Aug 8, 2023
How New (DUPR) User Rating Initialization Works Aug 4, 2023
How Pickleball is Taking Over Sportswear (C. MacDonnell) Aug 4, 2023
Pickleball: Smash Video Game Coming in November (A. Forziati) July 31, 2023
This Bay Area City Could Become a Pickleball Mecca (C.Said) July 24, 2023
MLP Teams Values Skyrocket to $10 million (A. Cohen) July 7, 2023
A New Hampshire Man Invented a Glow-In-The-Dark Pickleball June 24, 2023
Pickleball Courts Are Taking Over Empty Mall Spaces (A. Hartmans) June 12, 2023
Nude Pickleball Is Taking Off (K. Misher) April 4, 2023
Pickleball: Smash Video Game Coming in November (A. Forziati, 07/30/23)
USA Pickleball Receives Full Support from Neo G (USA Pickleball, 07/28/23)
Watch Pro Pickleball Live Schedule 2023
This Bay Area City Could Become a Pickleball Mecca (07/24/23)
Is the Cure to Male Loneliness on the Pickleball Court ( M. Cottle, 07/19/23)
Pickleball & Squash: Similarities and Differences (Pickleballbee, 07/16/23)
As Pickleball Popularity Soars, So Do Related Injuries (C. Murez, 07/12/23)
You Can Play Pickleball at Fenway Park This Week (WBZ News, 07/11/23)
Indoor vs. Outdoor Pickleball (A. Gilman, 07/07/23)
MLP Teams Values Skyrocket to $10 million (A. Cohen, 07/07/23)
Health Benefits of Pickleball (A. Gilman, 07/05/23)
Beyond the Short-Term: A Comprehensive Response to the "Pickleball Injury Cost" Report (V. Vergonzoli, 07/03/23)
Shattered Nerves: Pickleball Noise Is Driving Everyone Nuts (A.Keh, 06/30/23)
SF's Palace of Fine Arts is Getting Unexpected Uprade (M.Medina, 06/29/23)
Biofreeze to Sponsor USA Pickleball National Championships (C. Smith, 06/29/23)
The Airbnb of Pickleball Can Help L.A. Players Find a Court (A. Braz, 06/28/23)
Pickleball Injuries May Cost Us $400 Million This Year (A. Mikhail, 06/27/23)
A New Way to Play Pickleball: Rent a Court Near You (R. DeMuro, 06/26/23)
2023 Men's MLP Draft Predictions: Who's Moving Up & Down (Guest, 06/22/23)
Newman, Wright End Doubles Partnership (A. Gilman, 06/22/23)
The Origins of Pickleball (A. Gilman, 06/21/23)
NCAA Pickleball League Will Help Colleges Boost Revenue (Fahoum, 06/16/23)
Pickleball United Partners with USA Pickleball (USA PB, 06/07/23)
One Man's Quest to Make Pickleball Quiet (M.Dent, 06/02/23)
Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Paddles? (F. Cerabino, 06/23)
Is Noise the Biggest Obstacle for Pickleball? (S. Townsend, 06/23)
Pickleball Now on Live TV (D. Langston, 05/08/23)
Is Pickleball Still Growing? (D. Langston, 05/08/23) 
Amazon Announces Pickleball Channel: PickleTV (M. Turner, 05/02/23)
Alameda Divided Over Pickleball Court Expansion (D. Lum, 04/18/23)
Pickleball Statistics for 2023 (B. Mackie, 04/17/23)
The Story of Anna Leigh Waters (A. Mikhail, 04/09/23)
Pickleball Noise Explained The Science (Robinson, Llurico & Morton, 03/01/23)
Pickleball Frenzy Sweeps the Island (B. Wiley, 01/26/23)
San Francisco is Getting More Pickleball Courts (M. Dickey, 01/23/23)
The Largest Single Season Prize Pool in Pickleball (Dink Media, 01/20/23)
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